Madeleine & Nathan - Gap Creek Elopement

Watagens Elopement

This was such an epic way to end 2017! Madeleine & Nathan had a very small intimate affair with themselves and their mothers. 

During prep for Madeleine's amazing hair and make up from Tanya @ Chic Artistry, our generator unexpectedly ran out of fuel! Tanya was left without to power to create epic day! 
Instead of using a hair curler, she wet Maddie's hair put sea salt in, curled it up, waited for it to dry then let her hair out. WHALAH! 

After we got through prep, we scaled a steep and gnarly slope down under the Watagens canopy for an awesome little ceremony ran by our great friend Monty King! Even the mums managed to get down there with little to no worry at all.

Once again, Cooper from the Wilderness Chef put on an EXPERT meal after the ceremony where Madeleine and Nathan could relax and enjoy their own company. 
Of course all of this was topped off with the amazing floral and styling arrangements by Ash from Film & Foliage.

Shortly after, we hiked down to the bottom of the falls to burn off the calories and capture some awesome shots by Joel from Barefoot & Bearded! Not many couples can say they stood underneath a waterfall on their special day. 

Joel Alston