Information Pack.

We are all about keeping things simple, easy and stress free. After all, that’s exactly why you’re eloping right?

We have set up this pack to include everything you need to know about booking with Anteloping. Take a look through all our info then get in touch to book in your day.


All Bookings.

- Anteloping is made up of 5 dedicated and successful wedding professionals. We all have immense passion for our work and are highly sought after and solidly booked throughout the year. Anteloping was formed to cater for our elopement couples who want to do things their way and dont want to wait a year or more to book their favourite venue on a Saturday. We cater for our couples by holding all Antelopements on either TUESDAYS or WEDNESDAYS. This gives us the flexibility to travel and cater for whatever epic plans you have without compromising the quality or amazingness for your elopement.

- We all work best as a team so only come as an entire package. Please don’t try to break us up, we love working beside our creative friends.

- If you’re wondering how the day will flow we have an example of this below. One of our main goals on the day is to give you incredible photos to remember forever, and shooting these at sunset is they only way to go. We work all our timing back from that point. Here is an example below if the sunset is at 7pm.

Hair and make up / getting ready @ 11am - 2pm
Ceremony @ 2pm - 3pm
Food (late lunch/early dinner) @ 3pm - 5pm
Adventure time portraits @ 5pm - 7pm Our departure @ 7pm to let you soak up the day and enjoy the rest of your amazing night

- WET WEATHER options are the responsibility of the couple. We will find an epic location out in nature for your ceremony but in the event of bad weather, we will use your backup option for the ceremony/feast. This could be a wicked little AIRBNB. We can help you find this and make sure its going to work. We will also style this space to make it look incredible for your elopement.

NSW Bookings.


- NSW is the only state where we recommend  WILDERNESS SET UPS. This is where Cooper can cook your meal in the middle of nowhere, and Ash can set up a dining area as well. Cooper and Ash have a large amount of equipment needed for wilderness set ups, so NSW makes it achievable for us to transport those goods.


- THE TEAM WILL TRAVEL BY CAR FROM NEWCASTLE NSW. This means FUEL EXPENSES will need to be covered from the couple for the transportation of THREE cars. Invoices will be kept of fuel expenses, scanned, then sent to the couple after the elopement with an attached invoice. 

- We do require ACCOMODATION FOR THE NIGHT BEFORE AND THE NIGHT OF THE ELOPEMENT DATE. This gives us a day to have a look around, meet you at the destination to show you what we are planning to do etc... Preferably booked through AIRBNB.

Other states of AUS / International bookings.

- Due to the extended amount of travel for the team, expenses will increase to cover these costs. We are lucky enough to have an amazing travel agent that organises our flights, and car hire to your destination! She books all the flights and car hire, then sends you the invoice to lock it all in.

- WE WILL NEED FLIGHTS TO THE CLOSEST INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. We will fly out of either Newcastle Airport or Sydney International Airport. Understand that hours of driving might still happen when we land, so please expect fuel expenses. 

- WE WILL ARRIVE TWO DAYS BEFORE THE ELOPEMENT DATE. This gives us time to outsource food, furniture, flowers etc, and gives us a day to have a look around and find some epic spots for your elopement! Then we will depart the day after the elopement. 

- WE WILL NEED THREE CARS. Our travel agent will book/organise this for you and gives us enough space to transport and collect the goods mentioned above. The FUEL EXPENSES WILL NEED TO BE COVERED BY THE COUPLE. Receipts will be kept from the fuel, scanned, then sent to the couple with an attached invoice to pay after the elopement date.

New Zealand Elopement

- ACCOMODATION FOR THE TEAM IS REQUIRED FOR TWO NIGHTS BEFORE AND THE NIGHT OF THE ELOPEMENT. Preferably we would appreciate accomodation through AIRBNB where we can book it and re-invoice you for the expense.

- We do not recommend a WILDERNESS SET UP themed elopement for other states or different countries. Our florist/stylist and chef, have a large amount of equipment and we aren't able to fly with such equipment. We recommend an AIRBNB ELOPEMENT instead. This gives us power, a kitchen and a space to create your amazing day.

*** If you wish to have a wilderness set up in a different state or country, the expenses will increase to account for the equipment needed OR will be the responsibility of the couple to provide such equipment***

Still keen?!

Thank you so much for your time to read over how we create such epic days! If you are keen to propose some locations, dates and create an epic elopement, please get back in touch.

Each vendor.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our services, so please don't hesitate to reach out!

Barefoot & Bearded Anteloping

Barefoot & Bearded

Photographer & organiser

Email -
Phone - 0417 780 013

The Wilderness Chef Anteloping

The Wilderness Chef


Email -
Phone - 0412 834 004

Film & Foliage Anteloping

Film & Foliage

Florist & Stylist

Email -
Phone - 0421 853 295

Chic Artistry Anteloping

Chic Artistry

Hair & Make Up & organiser

Email -
Phone - 0422 327 885

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Kim Oakhill

Modern Civil Celebrant

Email -
Phone - 0422 772 219