Guaranteed mind blowing experience!

New Zealand Elopement!

We are not your normal elopement vendors!

We are passionate about creating something absolutely mind blowing for you and your loved one! We don't do "basic" elopements, we create days that you can only imagine!

We make dreams reality!!!


Adventure to a wicked location!

Who doesn't love a good adventure! We do elopements not for the faint hearted. Let's make it epic!

We pride ourselves in venturing to some of the most epic and most beautiful places on earth! If you want an elopement on top of a mountain, at the bottom of a waterfall, in a pine forest, THEN WE ARE YOUR TEAM!!!


Spend time with the one who matters.

Too often at weddings we see couples spending more time going around to guests then they do with each other! That blows us away!

Why spend YOUR day not with each other?! It just doesn't make sense to us!

The whole day you will be within an arms reach of your loved one!

Save money!

The average price of a wedding in Australia is $40,000! That is one wicked honeymoon or a large chunk of a house deposit!!!

Put it this way, for way less than $40,000 we will give you an insane elopement on the other side of the earth!

We are all full time wedding/elopement vendors, so we just gather our services together and take the planning stress off you.


Stress free!

When you book us, you can give us as much input or as little input as you'd like!

You can give us free range to create something absolutely insane! No need for any input from you guys, leave it in our capable hands so you guys can just chill and get excited!


Want to do a vow renewal?

Were you that couple that says
"we should've eloped"?

DO NOT FEAR, there is still time! We also offer wicked as vow renewals to celebrate the amazing marriage you already have!

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Wanna take us overseas?!

We are all passionate about travelling and experiencing new and amazing locations. This means we are happy to go ANYWHERE AT ALL ON PLANET EARTH! 

Take us to Iceland, Antartica, Europe, UK, New Zealand, Indonesia etc! The possibilities are endless!