Destinations Inspiration!

We will travel absolutely anywhere on planet earth. If your inquiry is elaborate, creative and adventurous OR if you just want a simple, small intimate day we can provide that wherever you want!

Below though are a few recommendations we've ventured to so far!!! 

New Zealand Elopements

New Zealand

One of the teams favourite locations so far, New Zealand has so much potential for crazy locations with wicked adventures! 
We are super comfortable to go absolutely anywhere in this beautiful country and have some amazing concepts and ideas for couples who wish to take on such a wicked adventure.

Blue Mountains Elopement

Blue Mountains National Park 

The Blue Mountains national park is based less than two hours out of Sydney, NSW. 
Us here at Anteloping are very familiar with this amazing region and have SO MANY locations up our sleeves.
Blue Mountains can offer so much versality such as mountain ranges, canyons, waterfalls, Australian bush forests, dry arid landscapes and many more!

Watagens National Park elopement

WatagAns National Park 

The Watagans National Park is based just off the M1 between Newcastle and Gosford, NSW. 

The Watagans have so many hidden little gems including an epic pine forest picnic area, a massive waterfall and thick dense forests! 
Very natural Aussie bushland (besides the pine forest), the Watagans keep the Australian feel alive within your epic elopement. But, if you want something unqiue and different to the Aussie feel we know of places that can help!

Kangaroo Valley Elopement

Kangaroo Valley 

The majestic Kangaroo Valley is based about 2.5hrs south of Sydney in the southern highlands, NSW. 
Kangaroo Valley has some beautiful waterholes, waterfalls, moss covered forests and dark moody creeks!

Kangaroo Valley is such a special region with a large variety of epic locations for us to create an insane elopement for you!

Tasmania elopement


Ahhh Tasmania, still home but feels so far away! 
The team has been to Tasmania on a few trips to social explorations and also the elopement of our photographer Joel! Tasmania has so many options for epic locations.
Ranging from epic mountain ranges, perfect coast lines or thick Australian bush, it has it all!

Barrington Tops Elopement

Barrington Tops National Park 

Barrington Tops national park is located around 2-3hrs north west of Newcastle, NSW.
Barrington Tops have a vast range of different landscapes. Right up the top of the ranges it offers alpine like landscapes with amazing tones of oranges, yellows, whites and red! Not the mention the most wicked pine forest!
If we time it right we could perhaps get snow!

Stockton Dunes Elopement

Stockton Dunes 

The famous and majestic Stockton Dunes are only based 50 minutes north of Newcastle, NSW. 
Stockton dunes resemble that of the sahara desert! Endless plains of ominous sand dunes as far as the eye can see.
Also the unique "Tin City" is an amazing little corrugated iron "city" based in the middle of the dunes! Ideal for the beach lover who wants something unique!

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Mt Hotham 

Mount Hotham elopement isn't for the faint hearted! Mount Hotham is based 4.5 hours north of Melbourne, VIC and has an altitude of up to 1,860m!. 

It offers amazing views, beautiful hikes and the most majestic sunsets you'll ever see! 
Mount Hotham is an alpline park throughout the winter months, so if you want a snow elopement, this location is ideal!


Is your dream destination not there? do not fear!!!

We travel absolutely anywhere and are happy to custom make a package to your dream destination! 
Inquire with us to get started on creating your epic elopement!